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Sacrifice & Success

We all make sacrifices in life. The question is, are your sacrifices worth making and are they pushing you into the direction of your dreams?

Success is WORTH the sacrifice.

Think for yourself, even if that means you walk in the opposite direction of the crowd.

Remember that the road to success is LONG and it can get lonely.

Choose to be lonely and focus your energy on your passions & success.

The right people for you will appear in your life.

Dress the part,

care for yourself like you matter,

and stay confident in what you have to offer the world.

Most importantly, Do not EVER allow anyone to tell you that you CANNOT accomplish your dreams.

YOU are the CEO of your life~ Act like it!

Dream BIG!

Follow your heart, however, use your brain to make educated decisions.

Do NOT solely allow your emotions to make decisions for your future.

Value yourself & hold yourself to the HIGHEST STANDARD!

Determine your own worth, do not allow anyone else decide that for you. That power is YOURS & yours alone!

Embrace it.

Be a BADASS!!!

Tips for Success:

Speak life into positive growth.

Make time for YOU & to recharge.

Enjoy nature.

Take time away from social media, electronics and mundane tasks.

Go outside and find a place where nature is abundant.

Soak it all in.

Live free.


Close your eyes & listen to the world around you.

Look up, see the world from a different perspective.

Lay down somewhere comfortable and look up.

Watch the clouds move across the sky & the birds flying high.


Deep Breath in.

Release- Breathe out.

Deep Breath in.

Release- Breathe out.

and Repeat until a calmness flows through your body.

Close your eyes.

Think of one thing that makes you happy.

Open your eyes.

Be present in the moment.

Sending positivity & love,

THE Dorky Badass

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