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The Simple Things in Life

It's the simple things in life that hold the most space in our hearts because that's where SO much of the beauty of life is found!

It's in a child's smile and laughter, the dance of a butterfly fluttering on by, the kindness of a stranger, the love of a couple walking hand in hand and dancing to music only they can hear, the beauty of nature~ animals, flowers, the river flowing, the sunrise and sunset.

It's finding a unique rock while out on a hike and knowing it's special so you bring it home to display it so that the story may live on forever.

It's when your significant other makes dinner after you've had a long hard day, even though you were coming home to do it.

It's seeing something while out at the store and thinking of someone and picking it up for them because you know they'd love it.

It's the peace and comfort that is found within a hug.

It's the beautiful flowers your significant other brings home to you, because they know how much you love flowers!

It's the passion that is found behind the 'I Love You!'

It's found within the silliness of which you have with others.

It's the fishing trip.

The date night out on the town with your special person~ just soaking up the atmosphere around you.

It's the hug that instantly warms your soul.

The kiss that ignites a fire within you & makes you kiss with even more passion.

It's waking up next to your favorite person in the entire world and cuddling up with them for a few moments longer before you need to start your day.

It's found in the moment where you see your hard work starting to pay off.

It's the spur of the moment road trip with no destination and music playing as you see the sights, sometimes alone & other times with those who vibe & fill you with happiness.

In the end, it's YOU and all of the people and things that you surround yourself with that create the beautiful moments of which you live and experience in life.

YOU are the key to it all~ it starts and ends with you, so go out there and create the life you desire!

Sending Positivity & Smiles,

THE Dorky Badass

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