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The Funny Thing About Pursuing A Specific Process & Outcome

In life we tend to visualize what our life could be and what we wish it would be. This makes it easy to get caught up in a specific process and outcome and then when it doesn't work out the way we envisioned, we become upset, frustrated, and live within the feeling of failure.

I am going to tell you something that you don't want to hear, that's life. Life is going to knock you down more times than you'll ever see coming. Take a moment and embrace it. Live in the moment. Grieve the loss of the outcome you sought out for yourself. Allow all of the pieces to fall to the ground.

Once that moment is over, you pick yourself back up and dust yourself off. You may have experienced failure, however, that failure is just prepping you for your success. You will ultimately succeed with anything you truly want and work towards. So take a moment to look around and decide which pieces you truly want to pick back up and carry with you. Which pieces will positively impact your life and be a source of inspiration for you on your journey ahead? Step over the pieces you left on the floor and walk over to the bookshelf of life and make new choices that align with what you are seeking from life. YOU WILL SUCCEED because you will continue to FAIL until you find the correct formula for your success!

Do not give up on yourself and your dreams.

One thing that I've learned in life is that everything will work out in life as it is meant to be. Things will not always work out in our time or with the outcome of which we desired, however, it leaves room for an even greater and more profound outcome. Trust the process.

Believe in YOURSELF!!!

Sending Positivity & Smiles,

THE Dorky Badass

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