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If You Love Something, You Must Set It Free

In life, we all love something or someone. Honestly, if you love something, you must set it free. This is because the tighter you hold on to something, the more it wants to get away.

Here is an example:

One day, a little old lady found a very malnourished stray cat in her yard. She looked at the cat and couldn't just walk away, so she picked the cat up and brought it into her home. She bathed the cat, fed it, made up a warm bed for it and took it to the vet. Over the course of a month, the cat became plump and happy.

The cat would sit at the window and watch the wildlife playing out in nature. Then all of a sudden, the cat would begin to meow and scratch at the door to go outside. The little old woman would pick the cat up, hold it close and pet it. This would cause the cat to begin to squirm, meow loudly and hiss until the woman put it down.

The cat would become frantic to go outside, however, the woman took extra precautions to make sure the cat didn't get out, because she wanted to keep the cat safe. She worried about what would happen if the cat got outside because there is so much danger for the cat to face outside. Then, it happened, the little old woman was walking in with groceries and became distracted by the phone ringing and left the door open. The cat took that opportunity to make a run for it and got out the door before she realized what she had done.

The cat was GONE.

The little old woman cried for weeks, because the cat never returned home. Eventually, the cat had reappeared, however, it was skittish, because it was frightened that it would be locked inside of the house again. So, the cat would leave and reappear every single day from that day on and the cat would get closer and closer as it began to trust the woman.

Finally, one day out of the blue, the cat walked up to the woman at the door, and as she bent down to pet the cat, it walked right into her house. The woman was shocked, but she left the door open and sat down on the chair and the cat jumped up and started to purr and rub its head on her hand and cheek.

When the cat was done, it hopped off the chair and went out the door.

The little old woman frowned and sighed because she was excited to have the cat at home with her again.

The next day, the cat reappeared and fell asleep on the little old woman. The door had remained open- just in case the cat decided to leave, but much to her surprise, the cat stayed the night.

Then, the next day, the cat went to the door and meowed in order to tell the little old woman that it was ready to leave again. The little old woman opened the door and let the cat out.

Two hours later, much to the little old woman's surprise, the cat was back and stayed the night again.

This process easily became a daily tradition, because the cat enjoyed the outdoors, however, the cat loved the little old woman and wanted to sleep by her side every night. So, that is when the little old woman came to the realization that the cat wanted to stay with her, but it enjoyed its space while exploring the outdoors.

. . .

The lesson here is to not control what you love, but to continuously express your love and allow what you love to live freely and come back to you.

This will strengthen your bond, because you will be living in a space of respect, understanding, trust, love and peace.

Living in a place of fear, control and anxiety will only intensify you feeling the need to hold on with a tighter grip.


Take a deep breath, breathe out, take another deep breath, breathe out, take one more deep breath, breathe out.

Close your eyes and assess how you are feeling and continue with the breathing exercise until your mind is clear.

Remember to come from a place of love, trust, honesty, communication, understanding, compromise and positivity.

Love is fragile and you must handle it delicately.

Do NOT speak out of anger, stay quiet until you can properly assess your feelings and the situation. This will allow you to gain a better understanding of the situation and speak from a place of clarity.

Sending positivity & Smiles,

THE Dorky Badass

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