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Hard truth: You will only achieve what you are WILLING to hold YOURSELF accountable for in LIFE !!!

Listen, It is easy to say life is hard and that is the reason why you will spend the next 50 years of your life complaining about why you NEVER accomplished any of your goals.

It is DIFFICULT to learn how to take responsibility for your life and make your dreams a reality because it takes being honest and real with yourself & others, hard work, determination, persistence, self-confidence, dedication, passion and perseverance.

Also, in order to make your dreams a reality, it will require you putting those dreams ahead of luxuries and entertainment in order for you to build the base you need to prosper. It will definitely require you to take responsibility for your FAILURES, however, you will also PROUDLY take responsibility for ALL of your SUCCESSES, since they go hand-in-hand as lessons learned and they both directly impact the way you approach various aspects of life, including your personal positive growth!

Be resilient! Life is meant to set forth many different types of challenges, not to intentionally hurt you, but to help you grow and become the person you are meant to be in life. The struggles make you STRONGER!!! Without struggle, you do not grow. Remember life is not fair, it is not meant to be fair. Life is what you make of it!!! Pursue your happiness & purpose in life!

Hold yourself accountable for the things you seek to achieve in life, because ultimately, it rests on your shoulders as to whether or not you've put in the necessary effort to obtain success in those goals in life.

Most importantly, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!! Even when other people don't believe in you or your dreams, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! The largest component in your success is you believing in yourself, your vision and your ability to accomplish it and surpass it!

You were made for greatness! Don't allow the negativity of others or of life around you to bring you down. Gather all of that negativity and flip it so it doesn't hinder the process your positivity and goals. You are able to harness the energy you seek in order to build the future you've always envisioned for yourself. It all starts with you! Think POSITIVE, Act POSITIVE, Feel POSITIVE, BE POSITIVE and Seek POSITIVITY throughout the ENTIRE process and I am POSITIVE that you will create a beautiful and enriching journey for yourself as you achieve every dream you set out to accomplish!

Sending Positivity & Smiles,

THE Dorky Badass

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