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Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable in Life

Growth happens when you step outside of your comfort zone.

You can't grow in positive directions without putting in the effort and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Growth requires pushing your boundaries and figuring out who you really are and what you truly seek out of life. As you grow in life, you will find that the things or people who don't align with your journey fade away and new people or things join you on your journey. It may be bittersweet, however, trust in the process, you are being lead to a beautiful new destination of which you are growing into. It is truly special when you find a special person to grow with you and walk along the path with you throughout your journey in life, just as you do for them. Always take care of that relationship, nurture it so it can continuously grow with you.

May you always prosper!

Positive growth takes A LOT of persistence and hard work, however, the outcome of all of your efforts is truly worth it. Living in your purpose in life is a beautiful thing.

It is empowering!

Remember, you are capable of accomplishing anything that YOU put your mind to as long as you also put in time and effort that it also requires to be successful. Dedication to the things you value in life is where you will see the positive growth.

It looks good on you, keep it up!

Sending Positivity & love,

THE Dorky Badass

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