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An Act of KINDNESS always Multiplies.

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Always Remember: No Act of KINDNESS is ever wasted.

There are so many times in my life that I have been kind to others, but most importantly, there have been SO many times that I have RECEIVED kindness! I make it a daily practice in my life and I work on instilling the act of kindness on my children. It is an incredible feeling to know that the most simple of things can completely flip another person's day around or at least make what they are struggling with a little more bearable. It is easy to spread kindness in the world. ONE simple act of kindness is multiplied throughout the world in ways that you will never see with your own eyes, but those of whom you have touched through your kindness will most likely pass it on to others throughout their day in various ways and it just continues to multiply the amount of kindness passed around in one day of life.

One act of kindness per day will equate to 365 acts of kindness that your performed at the end of the year.

If each person on Earth practices one act of kindness a day, that will equal approximately 7.8 billion acts of kindness per DAY & approximately 2,847,000,000,000 (2.8 Trillion) acts of kindness per year. Imagine the change we have the ability to make in the world with just one act of kindness per person, per day. The coolest part is, it all starts with US. The things we do today and in the moment have the ability to shape the world we will live in tomorrow.

I am incredibly grateful to EVERY single person who has EVER shown me kindness in life. I would like to just take a moment to sincerely say, THANK YOU! You have impacted my life in so many positive ways! There are so many times throughout my life that I was having the most difficult of days and those were the days that I received the most kindness. It truly makes a difference. Choose kindness. Send positivity & smiles. Be the bright light in life, when others are in need.

An act of kindness can be displayed in a multitude of ways, for example:

  • Holding a door for someone.

  • Helping a neighbor with various tasks (gardening, yard work, fixing things)

  • Saying hello to someone & asking how they are doing.

  • Giving someone a hug

  • Telling someone something positive about their character/ personality or something you like about them.

  • Buying someone else's food or drink.

  • Donating your time to do community service in any aspect

  • Making time for friends/ family/ acquaintances when they are struggling with various things in life and offering a listening ear & helping them to see the beauty of the world that is still around them.

  • Helping a random person with a various task of which they are having difficulty fulfilling on their own, for example, changing a tire or putting oil in their car or putting their cart back for them at the grocery store.

  • Pay a toll fee for the person behind you in line on the highway.

  • Donating things you don't need or use.

  • Make little gifts of Kindness (it can be prepackaged items or your own creations that you put into gift bags or boxes) and pass them out to everyone and anyone you meet until they are all gone.

  • Make food and share it with others.

  • Find out a need someone has a fulfill it for them.

  • Find ways to utilize your purpose in life to do something fulfilling for others in life.

You are capable of offering an act of kindness through the use of your time, money or expertise. So, utilize what you have to work with and help to make the world a better place! Most importantly, when others try to repay you for your kindness, tell them to pass it on to others instead of giving it back to you, because it always goes a lot further when it is continuously passed on.

Like a river, kindness continuously flows through our world!

Sending Positivity & Love,

THE Dorky Badass

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